Balance Bike Plans

Training wheels are old news!

Balance bikes are the best way to teach your kiddo how to ride a bike.

In fact, they offer a great balance and coordination. When I was looking for the best no pedal bike for my daughter, I spotted some honorable models.

They are amazing, but when you have so many options at your disposal, choosing can be an overwhelming process.

Then I wondered, why not make the balance bike at home?

So, should you buy or build a balance bike for your precious little rider?

Reasons why you should build a balance bike

Love to take on a new project?

Do you feel accomplished after getting your hands dirty and successfully finishing a project?

If so, building your kid’s run bike should be a project you will be more than happy to tackle. Here’s why building a balance bike is a great idea.

Spec it how you want

If we’re honest, everybody would like their child to ride a bike that nobody else owns. When you buy a run bike, there is little room for maneuver.

In fact, you are likely to struggle looking for spare parts that can work for different types of bikes. However, building the balance bike at home gives you total freedom.

One of the joys of custom-built balance bikes is choosing the parts. You’ll get exactly what you wish for and not what the bike brands think you should have.

You can even decide to use your child’s favorite color.

Custom frames and option of refurbishing

You’ve decided to go full custom, wise choice!

There are so many prolific frame builders around, and a custom frame could be the best fit you can achieve for a balance bike.

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Regardless of your child’s size, you will be able to get a perfect frame. Find a frame builder that’ll measure up your kid and build each frame using the material you want and to your exact specifications.

Moreover, you can refurbish frames and use them on the balance bike. Refurbishing will not only help you score a unique frame but will also save you a few dollars.

Reason to be proud

Even though you’re this is not rocket science, you’ll definitely be proud to be the one building your child’s first bike.

When you decide to take the time and build your kid’s balance bike, it is a labor full of love.

No matter how the run bike turns out, whether it’s made with the most expensive parts or with a below $100 budget, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you watch your son/daughter ride a bike that you put together.

You’ll learn something.

If you are building your first balance bike, then it is definitely a great learning experience.

You probably know how a balance bike works in theory, but doing it yourself is the first step to mastering balance bike maintenance.

And after your successfully done it once you can easily do it again.


Fancy something fun?

Start building a balance bike. Undertaking the project will give you an excuse to mess around with the parts while creating a bike that your child will fall in love with.

You can work on it when you want. Ultimately, building your child’s bike will fulfill that innate desire every parent has to put a smile on his/her child’s face.

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And the feeling is extremely satisfying.

Top balance bike plans

After setting my mind to building a balance bike for my little princess, the next thing I knew, I was wading my way through a bunch of blog posts and pages with balance bike plans.

Unfortunately, though a proficient mechanical engineer, some of the plans available were not clear and proved to be quite challenging.

I’m hoping to save you some time and prevent confusion with a list of the top 3 balance bike plans and 5 videos to help you build a no pedal bike.

  1. Woodworking Crafts balance bike
  2. Instructables balance bike
  3. Toys Advisor balance bike


  1. Homemade balance bike
  2. Wooden balance bike
  3. George wooden balance bike
  4. DIY balance bike
  5. Balance bike from plywood

Designed for safety

Regardless of the type of plan, you decide to follow, when designing a no pedal bike, safety is of paramount importance.

For instance, screws and outside nuts should have a waterproof adhesive added to prevent loosening.

What does this mean?

Essentially, the materials used must not be hazardous or have features that might cause injuries, and the structure must be firm and steady.

Done with the project?

Here’s what you get! An extremely happy kid and a rewarding experience.

Who knows, you might also discover a hidden talent you’d never had known you possessed.

Before you jump into the world of balance bike building, watch the videos listed above and read the plans, so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to build an incredible balance bike.