Top 7 Best Tablets for Teens in 2022

Today, we discuss the best budget-friendly tablets for your teen. Most tablets run on Android OS and are portable. But you would want to search carefully for something customized for your moody teen.

Let’s look at the seven best tablets for teens. 

1. Amazon fire HD 10 PLUS

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The Amazon Fire HD 10 PLUS tablet is a productivity bundle with a Bluetooth snap-on keyboard. You can store all of your assignments and media without worry with 1 TB Cloud storage and HD 10 Plus. The tablet comes with Office 365 subscription for 1 year. 

Internal storage options are also great, with 32/64 GB storage. Go on with your day nonstop with wireless charging, and the Octa-core processor keeps you on top of your class. 4 GB RAM and 12-hour battery life make Amazon Fire a reliable companion for your teens. 

Extra smooth scrolling and responsive touch ensure hassle-free navigation on the screen. Split-screen fuses productivity and entertainment. Work on your assignments while your videos stream. 

The HD 10 PLUS Doubles as a smart echo provides a smart display. The true color transmission on 10.5” 1080p display gives an immersive experience. 

On the inside, there’s nothing new from its 2019 predecessor. It Runs on the android 9 version that does not include the latest advanced technologies of Android 11 and hence stifles some functions. 


  • Wireless charging
  • Split screen
  • Smart echo


  • Android 9

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

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The second in line of the best tablets for your teen is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. The lightweight tab is barely over a pound with a 10.5-inch 2K display of stunning colors. Make online sessions and friends group calls real and fun. USPC charging keeps your teen powered all through their sessions so that they can explore, engage, and entertain throughout the day. 

The kid’s zone houses the best parent-approved videos, games, books, and movies for kids. Give your children the best entertainment version without compromising privacy and security.  

With the Galaxy Ecosystem, parental control becomes convenient. Easily monitor your teen’s online activities from your phone or laptop without being invasive. 

Excellent sound amps with Quad speakers will make you move on to every tune. The Aluminum finish makes it a lot more attractive as compared to its counterparts. Up to 1 TB micro SD card slot, USPC charging port, headphone jack, and Unisite ARM processor runs on Windows OS. 

Save all your notes, music, videos, and games on 128 GB storage and create your personal device with your favorite things. No fingerprint scanner makes it a little so-so, but then the tab has facial recognition for quick unlock. 

1920x 1200 display. Not as vibrant and spectacular as other Samsung Amoled tabs

But this is a respectable upgrade from 1080p displays. 


  • USPC fast charging
  • Facial recognition
  • Kid’s zone


  • No fingerprint scanner

3. Lenovo IdeaPad Chromebook Duet 3

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Its detachable keyboard makes it an ideal choice for teens and parents to perform their digital tasks efficiently. A laptop for the daytime. And comfortable entertainment right in your hands in the evenings. 

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Excellent battery life goes on for a whole day Prepare notes or does research for your assignments; the Lenovo IdeaPad tab will be handy everywhere. The vivid display, on a 10.9″ screen with 400 nits of brightness, transports you right into movie scenes. But you can barely see anything in broad daylight. 

With complete productivity accessories, 4/64GB storage is enough for your documents. You can run most OS-backed apps without using much power on your Chromebook Duet 3. However, no SD card slot means no extra storage. But your teen can utilize cloud storage quite well.


  • Detachable keyboard


  • no visuals in broad daylight
  • No SD card slot

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

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It is an astonishing upgrade from the user-friendly Galaxy S5 tablet. Samsung maintains a beautiful chic design while offering a renowned battery life of 12 hours. Powered by a strong battery and quick charging options, the sleek tab keeps you unplugged and unwired for a whole day. 

A micro SD card slot makes it roomy for all your teens’ notes and songs. They can Install as many games as they can. Store your media files or assignments without running out of storage. 

The Updated S pen has a new design, fine tip, and improved latency of a standard Samsung Galaxy device. Draw, interact, and share ideas quickly and casually with a robust Samsung stylus. 

The 10.4″ screen and thin bezel make this a powerful and intelligent device with Qualcomm Snapdragon 720.

However, Samsung didn’t add quality speakers in S6 Lite. Instead, there are two AKG speakers with average sound quality. 

Moreover, the SD card slot works only for up to 512 GB of storage and no more.

Tab S6 is an impressive & versatile tablet for every family member. Play, explore, and learn, at your own pace, on a speedy tablet. Slip it right into your bag, take it anywhere, and enjoy on-the-go digital life.


  • USPC fast charging
  • lightweight


  • dual AKG speakers
  • SD card of up to 512 GB only

5. Apple iPad Air

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An exceptional upgrade from Apple iPad Pro, The Apple Air gives an impressive performance at an affordable price. Air invades our all android list quite well.`

With a five-color metallic finish, a thin bezel design, and a lightweight body, your teen can proudly take it anywhere with them. 

Touch ID built into the power button keeps your data secure and in your control. Only you have access to your notes and media stored on the tablet. 

The powerful speakers are specially made for binge-watching. Enjoy HD sound calls and meetings right from your iPad. 

Watch videos on the spectacular 16:16 vivid display, take online classes, or just talk to your friends on a large screen; everything becomes fun and chic. 

Enjoy HD videos in sunlight as the anti-reflective coating provides you with a sharper layout, and 500 nits of brightness will enhance your viewing experience. 

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You can keep going without the machine breaking down with the one-site chip OS. It is faster than the Snapdragon 8th gen Android OS. 

No need to worry about unreliable wifi on campus or in cafes. It is easy to synchronize with iPad Air over cellular data. So that your work never stops. 

The USPC charger bolts its power manifolds together in just a few minutes. But the battery runs for measly 8 hours or so. Also, you will need to spend a fortune to get extra storage and the pencil for your Air. 

Apple iPad Air is a mix of both productivity and entertainment with a punch of power. However, accessories make it a bit more expensive than its rivals. 


  • USPC fast charging
  • powerful processor
  • Touch ID
  • Cellular data 


  • buy pencil separately
  • expensive

6. ASUS ZenScreen MB168B

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The ASUS Zenbook is a mix of work and play with its 14″ anti-glare IPS display. The anti-flicker screen and blue light filter make it a reliable entertainment partner. 

Easily toggle between laptop and tablet as your day requires and stay connected with your peers, share notes, and play media. The wide viewing angles make it unique, with a 1980×1080 sharp display and true color production. 

The FHD display at 60Hz shows high-definition anti-flicker videos. The Asus Zenbook is ultra-thin at 0.3 inches and weighs 1.7 pounds. Perfect compatibility with Asus laptops, but unfortunately, your teen cannot just slip it in their bag. It is a bit heavy for a conventional tablet. 


  • Anti-flicker
  • 14” IPS anti-glare display


  • heavy

7. Dragon Touch Notepad

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The Dragon touch notepad houses a powerful 64-bit quad-core processor with up to 1.3GHz with 2GB RAM and 64 GB storage. The large screen is a refreshing reprieve compared to other tablets in this price range. 

The ultra-light and responsive touch is unique and provides a seamless experience. The high-definition 800×1280 IPS display has wide viewing angles, and watching videos translates into a pleasurable experience. Obtain an accurate and true picture from any angle. 

The amp speakers provide true sound production, and your teen enjoys their favorite tunes on the go. Enjoy robust sound and technology at your fingertips. 

Wifi technology gives two bandwidth choices: 2.5 and 5 GHz. Download songs, play games, or stream your favorite TV series right from your tablet. 


  • ultra-light touch
  • 2 wifi bandwidth


  • heavy
  • less storage

Final Thoughts

Teenagers benefit greatly from tablets because they provide them with a variety of options from fun to educational. Contrary to phones, which become quite personal, a tablet can be a whole family’s reprieve without giving up individual privacy. Your teen can stream their favorite shows, talk to their friends, and work on their assignments on the go. Invest in a tablet that matches your teen’s creativity and can take it wherever they go.