Best Volunteer Opportunities For Teens

 “Once children are exposed to helping other people, it starts to become a habit.” Ellen Sabin, Author of The Giving Book. 

Volunteering helps children become better people and removes entitlement to everything from their hearts. We can lead a meaningful and grateful life by following this principle. Volunteering is an essential part of their life whether your teen is naturally helpful or needs credits for their portfolio. 

Most volunteer programs require a specific age limit. Before you sign your teen up for a volunteer program, please make sure you know all of the rules and state laws. 

Why Children Should Volunteer

Raising children conscious of other people’s needs is necessary in an age where everyone feels entitled to the world’s privileges. 

By volunteering, your child will learn the following:

  • There are people around us with wants and needs bigger than ours.
  • Some people don’t get a meal in a day, and we worry about changing our smartphones every year. 
  • Giving is more beautiful than receiving. 

1. American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has several chapters throughout the US. They provide disaster relief, food banks, and blood donations. The program is one of the best volunteer opportunities for teens. 

Call your local high school or college to inquire about programs specific to your teen. If none exist, your teen can take the initiative and create one for their peers. 

2. Habitat For Humanity

Nothing is more satisfying than providing shelter for a distressed family. Habitat for Humanity builds wooden homes for needy families. Children in the 5-40 age group participate in several safe activities. 

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Many parents have shared how Habitat for Humanity changed their kid’s life. It will be one of the most transforming experiences for your teen.

3. Sierra Club

Does your teen speak about the environment all the time? Sierra Club can be an inspiring place if your teen wants to save the world from landfills and carbon emissions. It is a group of passionate environmentalists working towards a better world. 

The Sierra Club also has the Sierra Student Coalition, which is youth-specific and helps them become a voice for environmental concerns. Your teens will be in charge of cleaning up the outdoors and running campaigns and nature guides. 

4. Best Buddies

Who doesn’t want a friend? Even physically challenged people to crave friendship and bonding. Best buddies is an inspiring program that aims to give a buddy to 200 million disabled children. 

Your teen will accompany their buddy to functions, meet up with them for lunches, and who knows, the friendship can become a lifetime experience.

5. Libraries

Libraries are always in need of volunteers to help around. It may be a cleaning job reading to young children, organizing fundraisers, or shelving books. The opportunities and fulfillment that follow are endless. 

If your teen is creative and loves books, it might be time to get them to volunteer in a local library. This will ignite the love of books in young children. 

6. Animal Shelters

Like humans, animals also need Animal shelters need volunteers to help them clean the animals, walk them, or be just their partners. 

If your teen loves animals and is always ready to help a kitten on the street, they can volunteer in an animal shelter after school. But you must ensure that your teen has no allergies or is fit to accompany animals. 

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The YMCA is one of the nonprofits that promote social responsibility, healthy living, and the growth of young people. It operates on volunteers and will provide your teen with ample opportunities to grow as a community person. 

Many parents find it fulfilling and report that their children got employment in the organization after volunteering there. YMCA has clubs in all communities, and it will be a good time for kids to volunteer near home.


American Youth Soccer Organization is also an excellent opportunity for your teen to coach or ref. Even if your teen has never played soccer before, the organization provides volunteers with training to ensure effective results. 

Being Kind To The Community

It is the responsibility of parents to demonstrate empathy and compassion toward their community or the world. Role modeling is integral to raising compassionate, helpful children. 

According to several sociologists, many teens volunteer for their high school. However, the numbers fall off dramatically when it comes to long-term empathy and volunteering habits. The principle that volunteering is not done to fulfill credit hours must be instilled. It is meant to draw us nearer to humanity and teach empathy in us for every stage of life.