Budget-Friendly Best Extracurricular Activities For Teens

The Benefits Of Afterschool Activities For Kids

Back-to-school time also means extracurricular activities for the kids after school. They are important for learning skills that will last a lifetime, building confidence, finding a passion, and making new friends. 

If you want to learn how to choose extracurricular activities for your children, read on.

Unfortunately, the most popular extracurricular activities are extremely costly and you can seriously end up over budget.

That is why we have come up with these budget-friendly extracurricular activities for your teens. 

1. Acting/Singing 

If your child is passionate about the performing arts, then enrolling them in a school drama class or band would be an affordable option. Give your child the opportunity to experience school. This will help them build confidence and polish their skills before they begin their careers. 

It’ll also help them explore their degree of interest in the particular skill. You shouldn’t pay in full at the beginning, so take advantage of the trial sessions.   

You can further cut the costs down by volunteering in any role to help organizers. 

2. Sports

Athletics are the most efficient way to let out unbounded energy and stay active after school. But the costs of sports kits, travelling, and paraphernalia are outrageous. 

Enroll kids in a YMCA club, school sports club for a fraction of the cost. Many local clubs waive registration fees as well. Also, inquire if they offer scholarships. You shouldn’t give up on your teenager’s passion just because it is expensive. 

You can also volunteer for the club for a discounted fee. For example, carpooling, coaching, or offering other assistance the club needs. 

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3. Volunteering 

Volunteering in the community also helps kids develop their emotional, teamwork, and social skills, and it doesn’t drain your wallet. Giving their time to local nursing homes, libraries, animal shelters, etc. will teach them to live for others and will make them a compassionate, helpful person.  

4. Library

Local libraries are easy and safe places for kids to do a wide range of activities outside of school without spending too much money. 

With the help of other parents, you can organize science, arts, history, musical theater, or other programs to help children learn the subjects in fun ways. Check your library to learn what types of activities they offer or if you can organize your own programs. 

5. Swimming 

Water sports are excellent to develop stamina and resilience at an early age. It is also excellent for children with ADHD kids.

You can enrol your child in a local gym or recreation centre. The price is always low and they also offer discounts. 

Also, try to enroll early in the season so that you can take advantage of early bird discounts. Ask about scholarships as well. It will significantly reduce costs. 

6. Music

Music teaches patience and develops creativity. Young people love to save on music lessons and explore thrift shops for used equipment and lesson books. Then rent the equipment, and also ask around in your circle if someone plays it and can lend it for the term. 

You can also barter services. Consider baking, babysitting, or teaching something else for discounted or free music lessons. 

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7. Community College 

Some community colleges offer non-credit or elective courses. So if your tween wants to learn a foreign language, theater, history, or other skill, then enroll them in a full-immersion program to upskill them in multiple areas of education. 

It is one of the perfect budget-friendly ways to help your child learn something new free of cost.  

How To Budget For Extracurricular Activities For Kids 

  • Always inquire about the full cost when enrolling your kid in any program. The hidden costs can seriously damage your budget.
  • Inquire about scholarships, sibling discounts, and early bird discounts. 
  • If you can rent it or buy used stuff then do not hesitate. It will significantly lower the costs. 
  • Ask your child to pitch-in funds. If they really want it they’d definitely split the bill.
  • Don’t pay the full fee upfront. Go for a trial period or ask for it. Your child may lose interest and the fee will go to waste. 
  • Simply say ‘No’ to your kid if you can’t cut costs in any way. Make them understand your dilemma. 
  • Online lessons are always great to kick off your newfound passion. 

Part-time school programs are a great way to keep your kids busy with healthy activities while they learn valuable lessons. The happiness your child feels when doing something they enjoy is the most beautiful thing for you and the best return on investment.