Bullied Outside of School

What do I do if my teenager is being bullied outside of school?

The teen years are especially tough to go through. As a mother of two teens, I personally know how frustrating it can be trying to come up with practical solutions to help them deal with the many issues they might encounter during this stage of life. The following tips are meant to address bullying your teen is facing outside their school:

Get a Mediator

Confronting the bully and his or her parents alone can turn out to be disastrous. If you’d like to talk to the bully’s parents about their child’s behavior, it might be best to schedule a meeting that involves a mediator, such as the school principal or other unbiased authoritative figure. Also, get the help of persons who have witnessed your child being bullied if possible.

Petition to Hire a Bus Monitor

Getting bullied on a school bus can especially be traumatic for your teen where the close confines make it nearly impossible to escape being slapped, kicked, punched, burned or pricked with a safety pin. Unfortunately, bus drivers can only do but so much to keep order while he or she is behind the wheel.

If you’re deeply concerned about keeping your child safer on their way to school, start a petition to hire a bus monitor.

Have Your Teen Travel With Someone

Simply ignoring a bully may keep your teen from a possible confrontation, but this tactic doesn’t always work. Bullies are less likely to attack your teen if they have someone traveling with them, such as an older sibling or an adult or with a group of their friends.

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Another suggestion is to have your teen stop traveling by the school bus altogether. Ask around among relatives, neighbors or friends to see if any of them could coordinate their schedule to drop off or pick up your teen from school.

Establish a Neighborhood Watch Program

There’s a saying that it takes a whole village to raise a child. All within a community can contribute their part to help end the vicious cycle of bullying. Get others involved to start a Neighborhood Watch Program.

Home Schooling

Some situations of bullying are more complicated than others and can only be handled based on your teen’s emotional makeup. You may notice a change in their behavior or appetite that give you sufficient reason to pull them out of public school and have them enroll in an online education program.

Regardless of what decision you make, your teen’s experience with bullying should not be taken lightly.Below is a video which touches on a few methods used when dealing with bullies.

Involve the Police

When bullying of your teen becomes persistent and too severe to be handled through a mediator, it may be time to file a police report even when your teen is being cyberbullied.


When all other efforts fail, you may even think of having your child take self-defense classes. This is a personal decision and depends on the severity of the bullying. As a parent, it’s your main concern to handle your teens situation according to their needs.

Bullying Statistics

It’s noteworthy that about 71 percent of school-age kids report bullying as being an ongoing school issue. Yet, many teachers and other adults fail to address this issue effectively if they bother to address it at all. Sadly, there are more and more incidents that result in violent retaliations and suicides.

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It’s crucial for you to address the effects of bullying as quickly as you can to avoid further emotional damage your teen might go through. Off campus, bullying can be extremely problematic to fix because it may often go unnoticed within a community or be ignored as harmless horseplay. As a result, your teen’s grades and self-esteem can suffer because he or she feels that no one will bother to listen to them. So keeping the lines of communication open with your teen is the first step to address their confrontation with a bully.

Final Notes

Bullies find gratification in hurting those they think are weak and defenseless. They rarely decide to stop their harmful actions on their own. But you can fight back by taking away a bully’s comfort zone.

Be persistent when handling a bully problem whether you use a mediator, community, self-defense, homeschooling and/or police effort to resolve a bully situation. See this matter through to the end with your teen. Above all else, that assure him or her hey don’t have to deal with this problem alone.

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