Fitness for Kids Who Don’t Like Sports

“I hate sports” or “I don’t want to play” phrases like these are common in kids who don’t like sports. They may run away from the ground or fake illnesses when it’s sports day 

It is nothing alarming and perfectly normal for kids. As a parent, you shouldn’t force them to compare themselves with other kids.  

Not every kid wants to play soccer or basketball. Some kids go for unconventional games as well as sports. The magic of Individual Sports lies in the fact that it provides kids with ample opportunities to stay fit without getting involved in competitions. 

You just need to tune into your child’s interests to figure out their favorite fitness outlet.

If you want to know how to get your kids hooked on sports, then read on. 

Sports For Kids Who Hate Sports

Horseback Riding 

If your kid likes animals and running around with your pet, you can consider enrolling them in a horse riding club. A suitable non-competitive sport your kid will love forever. It is also one of the best sports for autistic children. 

Horse riding is excellent for coordination, balance, and muscle strength. It also makes your child compassionate towards animals. 


If your kid is always fighting with other kids in the neighborhood and likes to use his/her hands and legs more then you can enroll them in fencing as well. 

Fencing will make your child more agile and will improve his coordination skills, strengths, and lower body movement. Fighting with a sword will provide him with an outlet for anger management as well. The physical benefits of fencing make it suitable for kids who don’t like to play in large teams. 

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Martial Arts 

According to Eric Stevens, the stillness and focus learned in martial arts help kids all through their lives. They learn to regulate their emotions, become responsible, and develop excellent strategies to find a healthy balance in life. 

Martial Arts are also widely known in the US and you can show your kids a few movies before introducing them to real life. It will also help them to make decisions on their own. 


Dancing may be the answer if you are wondering what to do when your child is not athletic. It requires strength, a good memory, and calmness to carry out fluid movements. 

When your child starts moving to every song, it’s a good time to enroll them in dance classes near you. You can consider it as one of the best sports for kids with ADHD as well. 

It will give them the opportunity to exercise, sweat, and tone their muscles as well. 

In addition to these, there’s swimming, skateboarding, skiing, running, cheerleading, hiking, etc., to reap the physical benefits of sports and stay fit. 

As a parent, your ultimate goal is to provide them with ample opportunities to exercise and remain healthy. And if your child refuses to take part in any of the above activities, then no need to worry about it. 

What You Should Do

Maybe they are facing some other issues, such as; 

Developmental Issues

Children have unique developmental stages and milestones. Some kids cross the standard milestones in a short period of time, while others take longer. It is quite normal. Sports do not start in school until children are 6 or 7 years old. Give kids some time and space to develop physically before enrolling them in any sports. 

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Aversion To Competitive Sports

Many kids dislike competitive sports because losing affects them emotionally. They don’t like losing, so they have an aversion to sports. 

Talk to their coach and seek help. Maybe enrolling them in an individual sport will be more helpful and they will take an interest in it. YMCA offers many sports where scores are not kept. 

Competitive Coach or Parents 

Sometimes, the coach or parent is a problem. They are too competitive and the child doesn’t want to let them down. Speak to the coach and try to work out a deal that centers on the kid’s best interests. 

If you are too hard on your child and want them to win every time, then you must work on yourself. Every child is different and not everyone can be a gold medalist. Your high expectations will hurt your child even more. 

Still Deciding

They are kids, and it’s natural for them to be indecisive. Maybe they are still exploring options and cannot settle for a single sport. 

Give them time and ample opportunities to discover what they are passionate about. Over time, kids often overcome their aversion to sports and become avid players. 

Competitive Analysis

In short, you don’t need to worry about if your child hates sports. Discuss what makes them uncomfortable and encourage positive responses with rewards. Also, setting an example will help them develop an interest in sports. With the help of the above strategies, you can make your young one love physical activity without any undue pressure. The key is encourage them to stay fit and healthy.