Headphones vs Earbuds for Kids

In a study on estimated children’s media use it said that children between the age of five to fifteen spend at least fifteen hours a week consuming media on devices like mobile phones.

No matter if your child is playing a game, listing to music, or watching YouTube more than likely during some of this time they are wearing headphones. If they don’t have any yet, read our full best headphones for kids review here.

Now, I don’t blame you there is only so many times a mom can listen to ” What Does The Fox Say.”

You might worry though if listening with headphones is safe for your children.

How loud does it have to be to damage their ears?

Are headphones or earbuds better?

What are the best headphones for kids?

I will try to answer all the questions below.

Are headphones safe for your children?

The short answer here is, probably not.

The range in which noise becomes dangerous is over 85db or decibels. You can listen to a sound at 85db for about eight hours. At 111db you can only listen for about thirty seconds.

Up to one-third of headphones that claim to be kid safe go above 85db.

Which is safer headphones, or earbuds?

The difference between headphones and earbuds is headphones you wear over your ears, and earbuds you wear inside your ears.

Earbuds are smaller and usually easier to carry around and to remain discrete. There is a negligible difference between the amount of damage done by headphones when compared to earbuds.

Both headphones and earbuds offer varieties that are volume controlled.

What are the safest headphones for children?

I have composed a list of the best headphone to use out of four categories, Bluetooth, headphones, earbuds, and sharing. With attention to the decibel output, and durability.

Best Bluetooth

Puro Sound Labs BT2200

Bluetooth headphones are one of the best to buy because they have to rely on battery power. They can only get so loud. Blue tooth headphones are wireless because they connect to the devices Bluetooth. The headphones last twelve hours which is more time then what your child needs to be wearing them. Its volume is around 82-84db. If you plug the volume control cable in the wrong way the decibels reached are 96-100. It does not happen in wireless mode.

Best Headphones

Sakar Teenager Headphones

These are the type of headphones you get for children that will probably break them anyway. They averaged around 80-85db. They come in a variety of characters, such as Hello Kitty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Batman. They won’t stand a lot of abuse, but they average around 11 dollars on Amazon and Walmart.

Best Earbuds

Etymotic Research ETY-Kids 5 Safer Listening

Etymotic is known for creating products for the hard of hearing. They also make earbuds for children and aim at safety. Their design is noise cancelling so they might not hear you yelling at them to clean their room. The earbuds are triple flanged and go into the children’s ear canal. It might take them a bit to get used to it.They are around 40 dollars on Amazon.

Best headphones for sharing

Puro JuniorJams

Junior Jams are Bluetooth headphones. They have a decidable level of about 85 to 90. What makes Junior Jams different from the other headphones is that you can daisy chain or link them together. Your children can watch the same show in the backseat without bothering your driving. They are also foldable which makes them the perfect thing to take on road trips. They cost around 80 dollars on Amazon.

Things you can do to keep your children safe.

Make sure that you watch their headphone use. If you listen in on the Youtube show along with your child, then the volume is too loud. Keep the sound on the device at around sixty percent.

Make your child take frequent breaks to give their ears a rest. Your children should listen no more than two hours at a time

Headphones can be safe to use. Be wary of headphones that claim they are volume controlled. Just because they advertise as such doesn’t mean that they always are. Like most things, they need moderation and close supervision.

As long as the volume is in an acceptable range, and children practice proper use headphones are not dangerous. So the next time you get tired of hearing ” What you made me do” know it’s perfectly fine to hand over the headphones.

Originally posted 2018-05-02 15:06:33.