5 Tips To Turn Any Child In To A Book Worm

“Teach Your Kid To Read”

Are you thinking of teaching your little one to read? Do you want them to enjoy reading? How would you feel when they are reading to you?

Teaching your kids to read before they get to school can literally change their lives. Being ahead will automatically make them the ‘smart kid’ in the teacher’s eyes and they will get extra encouragement and attention.

Failing them will set them back the first day because you know that other parents ARE teaching their kids.

They could be labeled ‘slow’ and this could haunt them throughout their school life.

It could lead to hating to read, hating to learn and ultimately hating school.

Your kid needs to be nurtured like a flower needs to be watered.

You can start here…

Five Top Tips for Teaching Your Kid to Read

Read to them

Yes, starting with an obvious one but you would be surprised at how many things come up during the day.

How many times have you said one of these?

“I’ll do it after…”

“Not now – I’m busy”

“Can’t you see I’m doing something!”

I get it.

But try to set aside time even if it is just the bedtime story.

Read to them every day. Read anything, just spend quality time reading to them.

I’ve found that this time together will help strengthen the bond between you.

And as they grow – books will already be part of their life.

They will have learned to love listening to stories and this will make learning to read for themselves a natural next step.