Teach Your Kids To Read

Do you have kids? Are they struggling to read or learning for the first time? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could help them?

It is difficult to know when to start teaching your kids to read. Knowing the correct way or whether you should let them learn at their own pace. I imagine if they are struggling before they get to school they will be at a disadvantage since a lot of other kids will already be able to read.

If you don’t start soon then they might get left behind in classes – stunt their development, which can impact their whole school lives. Being slow at school can invite bullying and teachers can easily label them as ‘no hopers’.

Is that something you want?

On top of that, discouragement from not being able to read, not being able to keep up in class can cause them to act out in different ways. It happens and you won’t be the only parent in this situation. If you clip a birds wings it will never be able to soar.

But what can you do?

You can take action today and help your kids learn to read. There are a number of gimmicky solutions and failed reading systems available online (you may have tried a few). Stay away from systems using strict assessments, teaching letter symbols before their sounds, mixing and matching different methods and the ABC Song. The online teaching market is confusing, mystifying and for millions of kids, it actually holds them back from reading on their own.

That’s why two amazing parents and reading teachers, Jim and Elena have taken their years of experience and have created the complete reading solution. A step-by-step system that is fun, easy to use and actually delivers as promised. “Children Learning Reading” offers stunning results and they have videos to prove it.

Now, you’ve probably heard of phonics, but maybe not of phonemic awareness? It is a concept less well known and it’s not something you hear about often. And this is the method that Jim and Elena’s program is based.

Children Learning Reading was designed from the start to be an all-encompassing reading solution. Combining synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness into short, fun lessons for you and your kids. Learning to read will help your kids:-

  • succeed in school
  • build self-confidence
  • learn more about the world
  • understand directions on signs and posters
  • and as entertainment.

Beware – there are a lot of cheap reading programs on the market, but very few premium brands. Many programs nickel and dime you. They keep throwing out different versions of the same low-grade product. So it is understandable that other companies were skeptical when Children Learning Reading launched a single high-end reading program. They didn’t believe parents like you, would buy a first-class reading program.

Children Learning Reading proved them wrong. Diane from Irvine, CA taught her 2-year-old to read an entire book by herself. Parminder’s first grader is reading beyond his grade level. Farah from Dallas, TX was completely blown away at how confident her little one reads.

It specializes and excels in teaching phonemic awareness because research has indicated that it has a direct correlation with students’ ability to read as they get older, and it helps to build a foundation for children to understand the rules of the English language.

Now, years later, Children Learning Reading remains a bestseller and is available right now. In a second, you will get instant access and can start teaching your kids to read in as little as 5 minutes.

If they are struggling to read or you are lost for where to start then try Children Learning Reading today, and see their faces light up as they read their first words.
Available right now, click here to start today.

Originally posted 2018-02-13 12:42:48.