Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

If you find yourself wondering just what on earth would a teenage boy want as a gift, then you’ve come to the right place. We understand how difficult it is to gauge the interest of boys in this age group, adolescence starts to kick in and your little guy have suddenly outgrown all of the little kid stuff.

Well, we’re well aware that every day is some little man’s birthday, and so we’re here to help you pick out the ultimate gift for your 13-year-old. We’ve covered every single gift a young lad would love to own and have split them into groups to help you pinpoint just the right gift for him. And so without further ado, let’s get started. 

Gifts for Athletic Teens

This category will tackle the best gifts that you can get a young fellow who enjoys playing sports. Sporty gifts are a broad topic to tackle, but here are some good ideas that should work for most athletic teens

Soccer Cleats

The footwear department is super versatile and not all cleats are created equal. However, if your boy enjoys sports such as soccer, football, or lacrosse, then we strongly recommend buying him some soccer cleats. Why? Soccer cleats are the most versatile in this department. You can use soccer cleats in baseball, football, and lacrosse. This isn’t true the other way around, though.

Now, since we don’t want you to waste time browsing through different products in an attempt to find the best cleats for your young sportacus before the new season starts, we’d recommend the adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Messi since it’s one of the most popular soccer cleats for kids available on the market today.

The Adidas Nemeziz lineup of cleats is designed specifically for attackers. The company’s agility mesh is lining these cleats for improved control and explosive pace. Moreover, your 13-year-old will almost feel barefoot while wearing these cleats as they fit nice and snug to provide the ideal comfort for the player. Lastly, these cleats are highly affordable, so go ahead and get a pair now!

We Liked:

  • Very affordable price tag
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Can be used in many sports
  • Available in various colors

We Didn’t Like:

  • Nothing! They nailed the mark

Road Bicycle

For those of us who had owned a bike in our earlier years or maybe still do now, we understand just how it feels to be cruising down the street with your bicycle. ‘Riding into happiness’ is what I like to call it. Whether your boy is into it for competitive reasons or just for fun, getting him a bike will not only ensure his happiness, but also help keep him active as well. 

Other benefits of cycling include increased cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, stronger bones and improved joint mobility, decreased stress and body fat levels, and also the prevention or management of illness. Sold on the idea yet? If the answer is yes, then you should check out the Diamondback Bicycles Century 1 Road Bicycle.

This bicycle has an aluminum frame that’s very lightweight and durable enough to handle some pretty serious knocks. It features linear pull brakes that help stop the bike safely and instantly and an 11-speed Shimano 105 drivetrain that your teenage boy will definitely enjoy exploring. This is a great gift for everyday use, road trips, exercise, and pretty much everything a teenager likes to do. 

We Liked:

  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Plenty of speed variations
  • Comfortable ergonomics

We Didn’t Like:

  • Pretty steep price tag

Dumbbell Set

So your little man wants to get stronger at an early age, huh? It may not be a reasonable idea to get him a full-blown gym equipment pack, a pair of dumbbells can get him into fitness and being stronger so that a few years from now he’ll find going to the gym to be a familiar activity. In search of a good pair of dumbells? The Yes4All PVC Dumbbells will do.

The Yes4All PVC Dumbbells are made from high-quality cast iron that’s very durable. Moreover, they’re contoured for a firm, slip-free grip. All dumbbells are color-coded and the weight marker is printed on the end caps for you to identify them easily. We’d strongly recommend buying him a lightweight pair then maybe exchange them for heavier ones as he grows up. 

We Liked:

  • Featured in various weights
  • Contoured, non-slip surface
  • Super rugged and durable

We Didn’t Like:

  • The grip is a little thick
  • Vinyl coating is fragile

Other Options

Gifts for Science Teens

Science is all about observing, detailing, and experimenting, and so to help your up and coming scientist learn more about their subject, here are some convenient gifts that can help. 

Camera Drone

27% savings
Altair #AA108 Camera Drone Great for Kids & Beginners, RC Quadcopter w/ 720p HD FPV Camera VR, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, 3 Skill Modes, Easy Indoor Drone, 2 Batteries

Drone aerial photography can help your 13-year-old get a little closer to his subject and observe all sorts of information about it. Due to their size, drones are able to fly into areas that were very difficult to get into. They’re able to take flight from the ground to over 300 hundred feet in the air. However, not all drones created equal, so our recommendation is the Altair AA108.

The Altair AA108 is a feature-free piece of machinery that will keep your boy immersed for hours working on his postgraduate studies. It’s equipped with Altair’s own Autonomous Hover & Positioning function which allows the quadcopter to remain hovering in the air even if your boy is inside the house grabbing a cup of water. 

The AA108 is equipped with plenty of convenient features such as the one-key take off and landing function which allows you to take flight or land the quadcopter with a press of a button. It also comes with custom flight routing, meaning that you can simply draw a route on the app and watch the drone follow that very path.

This awesome quadcopter features a 720p live video and still photography camera that makes it easier for your boy to document his adventures. The camera also has a wide, 120-degree angle so that he can get a complete view from above. The quadcopter comes with an extra battery for extended fun, along with many other features that your boy would love to explore. 

We Liked:

  • Equipped with an HD camera
  • Very wide viewing angle 
  • Altitude hold function
  • One-key takeoff/landing

We Didn’t Like:

  • None. An all-around great drone

Robot Kit

3% savings
LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit for Kids

When it comes to getting a gift for your smarty pants, you’ll find it super hard to find a cooler gift than a robot kit. What exactly is a robot kit? It’s a construction kit for building android machines, especially autonomous mobile robots. Such kits come in different shapes and forms but tend to be comprised of mechanical and structural elements, sensors, motors, and a controller board for all the inputs and outputs. 

The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is one of the most popular robot kits available today. It’s the first robot-building kit that features a Bluetooth radio that allows the builder to command the androids via an app. Hopefully, your boy hasn’t seen Terminator yet. The kit includes a new sensor suite that allows the robots to navigate and react autonomously.

Out of all the robot kits on the market, EV3 arguably has the fastest motors and processors. Not only that, but their sensors are probably the most sensitive. The EV3 kit might be a bit steep, but this kit will unleash your boy’s inner building and coding potential to the max, and make way for a brilliant professor of mechanical engineering. 

We Liked:

  • Comes with instructions for 17 different designs
  • Includes 601 construction pieces for you to use
  • Bluetooth function allows for navigation via the app
  • Fast motors, fast processors, and great sensors

We Didn’t Like:

  • Might be a little intimidating for some teens
  • Not the most affordable robot kit available


10% savings
Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club AquaScope and Activity Journal

If your boy is fascinated by the ocean and what’s shrouded underneath its blue veil or even if his favorite comic book character is Aquaman or Namor the Submariner, then the perfect gift for him is an aquascope. Not to state the obvious, but an aquascope is a device that’s used to view the underwater world from dry land or even a boat by eliminating the water surface glare. 

The Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club AquaScope features 5x magnification that will allow your child to venture into the hidden world lying in the lake or sea next by. Also, it features built-in thermometer, LED flashlight, and ruler. In addition to all of that, you get an activity journal so that your boy can document his observations in drawings or in words. 

We Liked:

  • Highly affordable price tag
  • Features 5x magnification
  • Various built-in functions

We Didn’t Like:

  • Construction isn’t very durable
  • Doesn’t work well in muddy water

Other Options

Gifts for Artsy Teens

Creating art can boost your boy’s self-esteem and provide him with a sense of accomplishment. It has also been proven that art increases brain connectivity and plasticity, along with serving as a stress reliever. Here are some gifts that can encourage your boy’s creative thinking.

Sand Art Bottles

11% savings
Made By Me Create Your Own Sand Art by Horizon Group USA, Includes 4 Sand Bottles & 2 Pendent Bottles with 8 Bright Sand Colors, Multicolored

I’m pretty sure that your artistically-inclined boy has already dabbled with all different types of art like drawing and painting, but did he ever try creating art with sand? If not, then this a terrific gift to buy him for his birthday or any other occasion. Basically, sand art is revolved around creating art by layering colorful patterns of sand onto a large canvas. Sounds cool, right?

There are plenty of awesome sand art bottles on the market. One that stands out the most is the Made By Me Create Your Own pack. This fun-filled pack contains 4 sand bottles, 8 very vibrant colors of sand, 2 pendant bottles, 1 satin cord, 1 design tool, and 1 plastic funnel. There’s also a user manual and some easy-to-follow instructions for your boy to get started with. 

We Liked:

  • Highly affordable price
  • Endless fun and creativity
  • Very vibrant colors of sand

We Didn’t Like:

  • Seriously, what’s there to dislike?

Brush Set

So you’ve got yourself a young Picasso, huh? What better way to support your son’s artsy mind than to provide him with the tools he needs to pull off the next Guernica. An artist needs various types of brushes at his disposal to be able to get the effects he wants, and so buying a brush set for your little painter would probably be a gift he’d grateful for. 

The Art Advantage Oil and Acrylic Brush Set is by far the best affordable pack of brushes on the market today. This 24-piece set consists of long-handle brushes that are ideal for both acrylic or oil. They also come with a canvas brush roll-up to keep them retained. The set is divided into 12 sturdy hog bristle brushes and 12 white nylon brushes. Each set of these brushes includes one of each round and flat in both natural bristle and synthetic, and in different sizes. 

Please note that each brush is factory-coated to keep the stiffness of the bristles, which protects the brush hairs from damage during packaging/shipping. The coating can be easily removed by simply washing off the bristles or by gently moving them around to help them loosen up. This is actually a standard process when it comes to brush manufacturing.

We Liked:

  • Very easy to clean
  • Durable and versatile
  • Nice roll-up case
  • Great for beginners

We Didn’t Like:

  • They get brittle quickly
  • The handle is a bit too long


No introduction needed for this one because there’s much to talk about when it comes to Winsor & Newton’s Cotman Water Colour Paint Sketchers’ Pocket Box. No, this isn’t just another set of watercolors for kids. This is a kit that a professional artist would be proud to have in his artillery. Oh, and it’s so small that you can actually fit it in your pocket. Let’s talk about it. 

Despite having professional-grade quality, the cost of this watercolor set is kept very economical by replacing expensive pigments with cheaper yet highly effective alternatives. You’ll enjoy good transparency and working properties with this set, along with terrific tinting strength. Additionally, the pocket-sized box features a convenient mixing pallet in the lid. 

The set includes 12 Cotman watercolor half pans and a pocket brush. I’ve never heard of any of these color names, but here are a few: Cadmium Yellow Hue, Lemon Yellow Hue, Intense Blue, Ultramarine, Viridian Hue, Yellow Ochre, Sap Green, Burnt Sienna, Chinese White, and Alizarin Crimson Hue. If you buy this set, I’d recommend buying watercolor suited paper to go along with it. The Strathmore Blank Watercolor Postcards Pad is a great choice. 

We Liked:

  • Colors have great transparency
  • The box features a mixing pallet
  • Very unique and vibrant colors
  • Great value for the price

We Didn’t Like:

  • The cartridges aren’t fixed in the box

Oil Pastels

For any artist, oil pastels are a must-have tool. Oil pastels are simple pigments in a binder of oil and wax in the shape of a small stick. Oil pastels are used to create some gorgeous artwork that combines the best of both drawing and painting. On one hand, it’s very similar to drawing as you don’t use brushes. But on the other hand, it’s similar to painting as you’re able to draw on large areas and work in a variety of shapes, rather than lines alone. 

Looking for a high-quality set of oil pastels? Look no further, the Pentel Arts Oil Pastels is all you need. These pastels are available in various sets. The only difference between them is just the number of pastels included. The linked set includes 50 oil pastels which you can utilize to make tints, color mixtures, and some subtle shades. Very smooth and vivid quality. 

We Liked:

  • Great bang for your buck
  • Ideal gift for any artist
  • Available in various sets
  • Smooth and easily blended 

We Didn’t Like:

  • The pastels smell funky

Other Options

Gifts for Musichead Teens

Just like art, music has similar effects on the brain: it can make you happier, elevate your mood, and reduce stress and improve your overall health. Let’s look at some music-oriented gifts.

Acoustic Guitar

13% savings
Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar - For Toddlers

I’m yet to meet a young man who isn’t at the very least interested in playing the guitar. Just think about how charming your boy would look in a school concert rocking the roof off the place. What a Don Juan he’s going to be. And if your kid is into heavier music, you might want to consider an electric guitar instead, but be prepared for some sleepless nights.

A highly affordable acoustic guitar that you should consider for your beginner 13-year-old boy is the Hohner HAG250P. You don’t want to go with a more well-known and expensive brand from the get-go if your boy is still a beginner. The Hohner HAG250P has a sturdy build quality that will handle some serious knocks. As your boy’s skills grow, you may then get him a better guitar that suits his rockstar status. 

We Liked:

  • Very affordable guitar
  • Rugged built quality
  • A great choice for beginners

We Didn’t Like:

  • Inherent turning problems

High-Quality Headphones

Music is meant to be heard the way the artist intended it to be heard, and that can be a problem since not all headphones and speakers are created equal. Getting your son a new pair of quality headphones will help him rediscover the music he has been listening to for years and fall in love with discovering new music every day with his new headphones. 

The number of headphone products on the market is as large as the population of China, which is very confusing for someone who doesn’t know his/her way around these things. You’ll never go wrong with SONY’s WH-1000XM3 Wireless, Noise-Cancelling Stereo Headset. It’s a bit too expensive for a pair of headphones, but trust me your boy will be forever thankful to have it. 

The SONY WH-1000XM3 redefines how music should be heard. Its outstanding sound quality is simply out of this world. Couple that with its highly effective noise-canceling function and enjoy some incomparable audio fidelity. This is a wireless headset with an incredible battery life of up to 30 hours, so your boy won’t have to deal with the hassle of cables.

We Liked:

  • Noise canceling is superb
  • Great overall sound quality 
  • Has a 30-hour battery life

We Didn’t Like:

  • Pretty steep price tag
  • Hinges are a bit fragile

Music Beanie

Most teens don’t want to let go of their headphones, but what if the weather gets colder and now they have to choose between their headphones and a warm hat? In all honesty, I’ve never heard of this miraculous invention called music beanie until recently and I thought it was very clever. A music beanie is exactly just that, a beanie with some sort of speakers inside.

The most popular music beanie at the moment is the SoundBot SB210 and for a good reason. It combines practicality and comfort in one place. It features a premium double soft knit for great comfort and a secure fit. The loudspeaker drive equipped provides an awesome music listening experience with its balanced bass, clear high-range frequencies, and dynamic mid-range. 

This beanie is fully washable as it features a zipper and velcro design that allows you to remove the headset speaker inside along with the battery in seconds for a risk-free washing process. I just can’t stress enough how fond I am of the whole idea of combining warmth and comfort with the ability to listen to music on a cold winter night. I might just get one for myself too.

We Liked:

  • Extremely comfortable and warm
  • Sound quality is great and balanced
  • Hands-free, wireless operation 
  • Detachable components for easy washing

We Didn’t Like:

  • One size doesn’t fit all
  • Sound isn’t isolated at full blast

Other Options


Alrighty so, those were some of the absolute best gift ideas that you can get for your 13-year-old boy. Most of those gifts would appeal to any boy in that specific age group. However, if you’re in doubt and don’t know which gift you should buy for your kid, I’d highly recommend going with a good old bicycle for a variety of reasons.

Buying your 13-year-old a bicycle won’t only force him to leave the smartphone in his hand and go outside to experience life the way a young man should, but it’ll also keep his health in check and maintain his fitness, in addition to plenty of other benefits associated with regular exercise. Call me old fashioned, but a bicycle is the ideal gift for any kid in that age.

What did you think of our list? Do you agree that a bike is the ultimate gift for a 13-year-old boy? Please email me if you have any suggestions and do me a favor by sharing this article with your friends, you never know who’s birthday may be coming soon. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to