Best Gifts for 15 Year Old Girls

By the age of 15, girls start to experience lots of changes as they enter into the world of adulthood. This is a stressful time for every 15-year-old girl and buying her the right gift shows that you care.

What are the best gifts for 15-year-old girls? Parents, guardians, and family friends usually ask this question because the world is changing too fast. It’s difficult to understand what’s going on in the mind of a teenage girl nowadays.

But, we’ll take you on a tour to explore some of the most innovative and suitable gift ideas that you can buy for a special girl that you really love. We divided these gifts into several categories to make your job easier.

Gift Ideas for Mindfulness and Well-Being

Meditation, yoga, Pilates, and crystal healing are some of the ideas that can help teenage girls deal with pressure and challenges. Luckily, there are lots of amazing gift ideas that you can consider if you want to encourage your special 15-year-old girl to explore the world of mindfulness and well-being.

1. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set 6-Piece

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Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set 6-Piece- Includes 1/2" Ultra Thick NBR Exercise Mat, 2 Yoga Blocks, 1 Yoga Mat Towel, 1 Yoga Hand Towel and a Yoga Strap (Teal)

This is a complete set that suits someone who’s taking their first steps in the world of yoga or Pilates. The ½ inch thick mat features a ribbed surface on one side and a smooth one on the other. It’s the right thickness to protect the joints in several positions and the non-slip surface prevents injuries.

The mat measures 7.1 feet to allow for better stretching positions. The NBR foam mat comes in eight different colors with an anti-sweat design for better yoga sessions in all weather conditions.

Moreover, there’s a yoga strap that measures 6.5 feet and two yoga blocks to provide better support. The package also includes two microfiber towels with good absorption.

The towels are rather thin, so they’re not to be used for any kind of support. The mat might smell a little bit funny at the beginning, but letting it to air for a few days will solve the problem.

We Liked:

  • Complete set for Pilates and yoga lovers.
  • Long mat for stretching positions.
  • NBR foam mat with a non-slip surface.
  • Comes with a yoga strap, two towels, and two supportive blocks.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Mat smells funny at the beginning.
  • The towels are thin.

2. Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

This multipurpose pillow cushion provides support during yoga poses and can also be used in long meditation sessions. It comes in two sizes and six vibrant color options so you can pick something that suits your 15-year-old’s taste.

The cushion provides spinal support and reduces the discomfort that newbies might experience as they try different Pilates, yoga or meditation poses. It’s also a versatile piece of furniture so you can buy two to help your 15-year-old girl customize her bedroom.

The cotton cover is removable and machine washable. The interior is made of buckwheat hulls that are sealed for easy removal. The cushion comes with a handle for portability. First-time yogis might find the cushion to be too firm, but it’s quite durable.

We Liked:

  • Colorful multipurpose cushion.
  • Removable and machine washable cover.
  • Comes with a handle for portability.

We Didn’t Like:

  • A bit too stiff for first-time yogis.

3. Way Out West 80 Hour Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Life can be too challenging for a 15-year-old girl. Help her relax and explore mindfulness and self-love using these scented candles. There are five different combinations to choose from, each featuring two different scents.

The candles are made of soy candle wax blends, pure essential oils, and lead-free cotton wicks. They’re designed to last for long, burning for about 80 hours and creating a soothing smell that lingers. The transparent Mason jars show the color of the wax and can be recycled later on to keep jewelry, coins, or anything else.

If your 15-year-old girl gets regular headaches or hates strong smells, she might find the scent to be a bit too strong at the beginning. But the jar can be left open for a while to calm the scent down.

We Liked:

  • Set of two scented candles.
  • Long-lasting scents and colorful wax.
  • Reusable Mason jars.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Scent might be too strong at the beginning.

4. Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid for Emf Protection & Healing

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Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid for Emf Protection & Healing- meditation orgonite pyramids/crystal chakra

It’s quite normal for teenagers to feel drained and tired. With so much going on in their lives, this energy pyramid can restore balance by converting low-frequency energy into high-frequency energy that is more beneficial.

The pyramid is inspired by Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator that attracts energy from the environment for overall health improvement. It’s quite useful in today’s world where every room is filled with electronic devices as it neutralizes electronic smog (EMF) from cell phones, Wi-Fi devices, and cell phone towers.

Before casting, the crystals were charged with positive intentions and affirmations to absorb negative energy. Moreover, the colors look amazing creating the perfect ambiance in your 15-year-old’s room.

This pyramid is made of crystal and glass, so it should be handled with care as it might break easily. It’s also a bit small.

We Liked:

  • Colorful healing crystals.
  • Restores balance by channeling negative energy away.
  • Boosts positivity.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Fragile and can be easily broken.
  • Rather small.

Other Good Choices

Suitable Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

If your 15-year-old girl doesn’t like to spend much time in her room, then you need to buy her a special gift that can make her outdoor experience more fun.

1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

This tent is durable, so your adventurous 15-year-old will probably use it for a very long time. It’s a breeze to set up so she can do this on her own.

A 15-year-old girl can set this tent up in the backyard for afternoon reading or can pack it for a camping trip with friends because it weighs about 3.5 pounds with all the accessories needed for setup, so it’s lightweight and portable even when she’s hiking with some elevation.

The walls are made of mesh for better breathability in hot weather and the tent fly is water and UV resistant. It also features a vestibule for storage so it’s suitable for backpacking and hiking adventures.

However, this tent isn’t designed to be used in heavy rain because it’s not waterproof. Also, the fly lacks any windows, so it can get a bit stuffy if used for a long time.

We Liked:

  • Lightweight and portable tent.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Suitable for hot weather.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Tent fly isn’t waterproof.
  • There are no plastic windows on the fly.

2. Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

If you know an adventurous 15-year-old who won’t let anything stop her, then you should encourage her to believe in herself and stay safe. Get her this compact survival first aid kit and wish her the best of luck on her upcoming adventure.

This might seem like an unusual present, but it will be very useful indoors and outdoors. A teenage girl can use this kit if something goes wrong until help arrives.

The 1-pound bag is durable and features more than 100 life-saving items. It can fit in the glove compartment and comes with MOLLE compatible straps to be attached to a belt or backpack.

The bag itself is water-resistant and all the supplies are kept in sealed baggies so it can be taken on a boat trip. The inner sleeves are labeled and the contents of the bag are categorized for easy access during stressful situations. After use, things can be rearranged for the next time.

There’s a pouch so your 15-year-old can keep any prescription medication. However, this bag is too compact so there’s no room to add anything else.

We Liked:

  • Compact and lightweight kit.
  • Contains more than 100 life-saving items.
  • Items are divided and kept in sealed baggies.
  • MOLLE compatible straps.

We Didn’t Like:

  • No room to add extra tools.

3. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Help your favorite teenager enjoy her outdoor adventure to the maximum using this portable water filter. It simply filters and cleans water by removing waterborne bacteria, parasites, and microplastics, providing easy access to clean and pure water every time.

This is an excellent choice for outdoor lovers because it weighs only 2 oz. and delivers around 1000 gallons of clean water with little maintenance. It’s compact enough to fit in any backpack or emergency kit while guaranteeing that your adventurous teen will always stay hydrated.

The only thing that might be a bit problematic is that it takes a considerable amount of time to clean and filter the water. Strong suction might clog the filter so tiny sips work better.

We Liked:

  • Portable water filter for outdoor adventures.
  • Removes bacteria, parasites, and microplastic particles.
  • Delivers 1000 gallons of clean water.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Practice is needed to use it right.
  • Takes time to filter the water.

4. Solar Charger 20000mAh, Qi Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank External Backup Battery

28% savings
Solar Charger 20000mAh, Qi Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank External Backup Battery, 3 Output Ports, 4 LED Flashlight, Carabiner, IP54 Rainproof for Camping, Outdoor Activities

While your 15-year-old is exploring the unknown, you want to make sure that she’s always safe and sound. Let her stay connected using this solar/wireless charger. It automatically adjusts the output power to recharge any cell phone, tablet, or any smart device that your teenager would pack for an outdoor adventure.

This versatile charger has three output ports so it can recharge three devices at the same time. It protects devices from overcharging and short circuits.

It’s simply left in direct sunlight and the solar cells will charge themselves in six to eight hours. Later on, this energy will be converted into electricity. However, this unit should be used for emergency phone calls because solar energy takes lots of time to recharge smart devices.

It also delivers wireless recharging when connected to a power source, which is faster. Moreover, this charging unit produces light in three different settings.

Due to its compact size, the charger can be easily kept in a pocket or a waist bag while charging any device. It’s rainproof, dustproof, and shockproof so it’s a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

We Liked:

  • Compact and versatile charger.
  • Solar and wireless charging options.
  • Charges three devices at the same time.
  • Three different light settings for emergencies.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Solar charging is very slow.

Other Good Choices

Electronic Gifts for 15-Year-Old Girls

Do you know a teenage girl who’s fascinated by technology? Here are some cool gift ideas that you can shop for.

1. True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

Teenagers will love these Bluetooth earbuds as they provide an immersive audio experience working for six to eight hours on a single charge. They provide incredible stereo quality whether you’re listening to music or making phone calls with 100 hours of standby. Thanks to the wireless technology, these earbuds can be used up to 33 feet away from the device.

They’re designed to work with any TV, tablet, laptop, or smartphone that has Bluetooth connection. They come with 4 different ear tips, but finding the perfect fit might take some time. The earbuds are lightweight and are IPX5 waterproof so they’re suitable for workouts and exercises.

These earbuds can be connected to two different devices at the same time, so they can be shared with a friend. They come with several controls to play music, make phone calls, and activate Siri. Although the settings can be adjusted, the bass quality isn’t impressive.

We Liked:

  • Bluetooth and wireless earbuds.
  • Fast pairing with any device that has Bluetooth.
  • Work for six to eight hours on a single charge.
  • Can be connected to different devices at the same time.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Adjusting the bass quality is a bit challenging.
  • Finding the right tip and perfect fit isn’t that easy.

2. Apple iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular, 32GB)

Although this is a rather expensive gift, it’s the perfect one for a multitasking teenage girl. There’s so much that a 15-year-old can do on this iPad. It’s more portable than a computer, with an efficient performance at school or for fun.

This iPad can be used for simple tasks as well as complicated ones like editing a video or experimenting with augmented reality apps. It also comes with the Apple pencil for multiple tasks that can be done at the same time. Using the pencil, you can write notes, highlight, draw, or do anything that crosses your mind.

It comes with two high-quality cameras that can be used to take photos, record videos, start video calls or create plans using augmented reality. It can be connected to a keyboard via Bluetooth and users can enjoy several beneficial built-in apps.

One charge will keep it operating for up to 10 hours and it can work on cellular data as well as Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, caution is needed when dealing with this iPad since it’s very thin. It can be broken easily.

We Liked:

  • Versatile and portable iPad.
  • Compatible with Apple pencil.
  • Works on cellular data and Wi-Fi.
  • Several built-in apps.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Too thin and fragile.

3. JBL Charge 3 JBLCHARGE3BLKAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

33% savings
JBL Charge 3 JBLCHARGE3BLKAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Let your teenage girl enjoy her time at the beach or by the pool using this portable IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The speaker can be connected to three devices to play media files in exceptional stereo quality. It comes with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that provides 20 hours of playback time.

There are six different colors to choose from, and several speakers can be connected to create the perfect sound system in any environment or setting. The speakers are designed to work with a cell phone to make calls thanks to the noise and echo cancellation features.

Although you can do a little tweaking, you can’t adjust the bass or treble. It doesn’t have an equalizer and the sound quality is better when you use it at a high volume.

We Liked:

  • Portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • IPX7 waterproof design.
  • 20 hours of playback time.
  • Can be connected to another one.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Some static when used at a low volume.
  • Doesn’t have an equalizer.

4. Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 20MP 8X Zoom Digital Camera

For photography lovers, this camera kit might be the perfect gift. It comes with several useful accessories that teenagers will find useful if they’re into photography. Using this kit, your 15-year-old might start her career as a semi-professional photographer for family gatherings and events.

This high-resolution camera is compact and easy to use, featuring the point-and-shoot technique with a 20 MP lens. The sensor and processor work together to improve the overall quality of still shooting. It also records high-quality HD 720p videos at 25fps.

There’s a 2.7 inch LCD monitor for video playback and live view monitoring. The camera isn’t waterproof.

Thanks to the Auto feature, the best settings are selected based on the shooting conditions, making the job of an amateur a lot easier. It features 8X optical zoom lens with Digital IS to minimize camera shake.

It comes with a battery pack, charger, strap, memory card, card reader, memory card wallet, tabletop tripod, screen protector, and a padded case. It takes some time until a beginner is able to understand all the settings and features, but learning is part of the fun experience. It doesn’t come with a cord to connect it to a computer, so you’ll buy this separately.

We Liked:

  • Compact camera with several useful accessories.
  • Auto feature to choose the best setting.
  • 2.7 inch LCD monitor.
  • Digital IS to minimize camera shake.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Not waterproof.
  • Doesn’t come with a cable.

Other Good Choices

Beauty and Personal Care Gift Ideas

Your 15-year-old is going to learn that she’s beautiful in her own way. Let her explore the world of beauty products and trends while loving and taking care of herself.

1. Temporary Hair Chalk-Washable Hair Color

The best thing about hair chalk is that it’s not permanent. A 15-year-old would love to explore a different color and style with this product every day, as the set contains 12 bright colors to suit every mood and outfit.

Every shade can be used to color the entire hair, a single strand or mixed with other colors for the most vibrant result. The formula is safe and doesn’t cause any damage to the hair.

To set the color, heat from a hairdryer or a straightening iron is needed. It suits all hair colors and textures but the shades are brighter on fair hair. It can be washed easily using a regular shampoo, but a little mess is expected as it might stain the skin a little bit, so the body should be washed and dried carefully.

We Liked:

  • 12 different fun colors.
  • Temporary colors that can be washed off easily.
  • Safe formula.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Washing the color off can be a little messy.
  • Using heat is necessary to set the color.

2. Oral-B White Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Most teenagers don’t appreciate the importance of taking care of their bodies at a young age. Oral hygiene has a great effect on the overall health as well as the way someone looks and feels when they’re dealing with others. This electric toothbrush will make dental care easier and more potent as it removes 300% more plaque than a manual toothbrush, preventing it from accumulation.

It comes with a timer so you don’t exceed the recommended brushing time. A sensor automatically notifies you if you’re pressing too hard to prevent damage. It will automatically stop after 30 seconds, so you can move onto another quadrant in your mouth. This timing can’t be adjusted.

One charge will last for a week of brushing in the morning and at night. This toothbrush is compatible with several brush heads for every dental need. To maintain the condition of the toothbrush, it should be wiped and dried to prevent rusting.

We Liked:

  • Easy to use and removes 300% more plaque.
  • Built-in timer that reminds you to move to the next quadrant for a better dental cleaning.
  • Sensor to warn you in case you’re pressing too hard.
  • Compatible with several brush heads.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Timing can’t be adjusted.
  • Should be dried after each use.

3. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

5% savings
Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Black

A 15-year-old girl has tens of things to think about, and this versatile brush will help her get ready quickly for school or an outing with friends. The brush can be used without heat for detangling and with heat for fast and effortless styling.

It features three different heat settings and the design facilitates placing it closer to the scalp to create volume, unlike a traditional hairdryer. The brush has an ION generator for fast drying, leaving the hair looking shiny and healthy. There’s a ceramic coating that prevents overheating and guarantees even heat distribution.

A beginner will be able to use it safely as it’s lightweight with an ergonomic design. The tip is cool for maximum safety and comfort.

This brush is designed to be used in the US, and a good converter is needed if you want to use it anywhere else. It’s not suitable for very short hair, as it’s quite large.

We Liked:

  • Lightweight and versatile brush.
  • Multiple heat settings with a cool tip for safe styling.
  • Ceramic coating to prevent damage and guarantee even heat distribution.

We Didn’t Like:

  • Too big for short hair.
  • A converter should be bought separately to use it in 220v countries.

Other Good Choices


Buying the perfect gift isn’t easy, especially when you’re shopping for a teenager. Nevertheless, we covered the best gifts for 15-year-old girls to make her feel your genuine love and care.

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