Positive Parenting Solutions Review

Having kids and bringing them up well is one of the most significant things we can ever do. When we create a new life, we have the responsibility to teach that tiny person everything they need to know and to provide them with all the tools they require for a successful future – and that’s just what every parent wants to do.

The problem is, nobody ever teaches us how to be a parent, we simply have to do the best we can. Armed with distant memories of our own childhood and maybe a few vague notions about how we think we should bring up children, we’re expected to just muddle through. Maybe you might look online for some ideas, but much of what you find is unhelpful or confusing.

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Wouldn’t it be good if there was a comprehensive course on parenting? Something that trains you in detail on how to raise polite, helpful and well-behaved children, something that helps you decide how to react in every situation your kids can throw at you.

That’s exactly what Positive Parenting Solutions by Amy McCready claims to do. This course is designed to teach you all about parenting, from the very basics through to the details of issues like allowance, bullying and technology.

This is a modern course about parenting in the 21st century, something that promises to help you build a more harmonious relationship with your kids in the world we live in today. As we said, there’s lots of junk on the internet, so we decided to take a look at this course to see if it’s any better.

Overview of Positive Parenting Solutions

The Old Parenting Model

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The course is based on the premise that the world we live in today is very different from the world of 50 years ago. A generation or two ago, the household hierarchy was very much based on the husband as the head of the family, with the wife taking a subservient role.

The husband went out to work while the wife stayed at home, keeping the house clean, preparing dinner for her husband when he returned in the evening and looking after the children. The husband was the decision-maker and a good wife was supposed to go along with what he said.

Children were expected to do as they were told. They didn’t need a reason for what they had to do; if they were told to do something, they were expected to obey with no arguments. Their parents knew what was best and they accepted it. If they misbehaved, they were disciplined, sometimes physically.

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A New Reality

The reality of the world we now live in is vastly different. A marriage is seen as a partnership where both husband and wife have an equal role in everything, including earning money, doing household chores and bringing up the children. Very few women now would accept the role of a woman of 50 years ago.

The place of children within the family has shifted, too. They no longer expect to be told what to do and to follow blindly without having any say in things. Family life has become more democratic, but many parents, not knowing anything different, still follow the old way of doing things and expect their children to just do as they are told simply because the parents say so.

This inevitably leads to power struggles, the root cause of almost all misbehavior. Children now have different expectations than before, but they still have the same needs. This course explains how to adapt to the new reality, to empower children, and to create a more peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Who is Amy McCready?

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The creator of this course, Amy McCready, is a parenting expert with a background in corporate training and experience of working with Fortune 500 companies. In her capacity as a parenting specialist, she is a regular on TV shows such as CBS This Morning, Fox and Friends, MSNBC, Rachel Ray and Steve Harvey.

She is a self-confessed “former yeller” and author of two books on parenting. She has taken her background in Fortune 500 instructional design and combined it with her own experience as a parent to create an easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement parenting course that promises to help with all kinds of parenting issues.

With this course, she has trained over 60,000 parents in 21 different countries, and these lessons claim to be able to show you how to bring an end to power struggles and misbehavior. Instead, you can look forward to respectful, considerate, helpful and well-behaved children.

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How Does It Work?

These are big claims so how does it work?

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The course includes seven core modules, as well as a number of “Specialty Modules” and “Expert Series” modules. Contained within these lessons are 42 instructional videos as well as interactive learning sections, note-taking guides, workbooks and FAQs, all designed to make sure you absorb and digest all the information you need.

During the lessons, you acquire over 30 parenting “tools” which make up your “toolbox” of techniques that you can use in various parenting situations. Amy herself explains in great detail why different parenting challenges arise and how to deal with them.

Everything is backed up by research and scientific theory, all of which is explained thoroughly without ever becoming overly complicated.

Since the lessons are available online, parents can work through them as quickly or as slowly as they need, depending on their own personal schedule.

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Module 1 In Detail


Perhaps this all sounds a little abstract, so to make things clearer, let’s have a look in a bit more detail at one of the key modules, Module 1.

The first module introduces the basic tenets of the course, namely that the world we now occupy is vastly different from the world our parents or grandparents grew up in. The family is no longer an autocracy but a democracy.

Some people may be resistant to this idea. For many, the immediate reaction might be, “well it worked when I was a kid, so it will work now!” This is a completely understandable response, so the video lessons take the time to explain why we need to accept this new reality.

Child misbehaviour, it is reasoned, is all about an innate need for belonging and significance. We all have an inbuilt need for control over our lives, something that is true even for young children. If kids have no power, they will find ways to take it for themselves. If we do not give them a certain amount of control over their own lives, negative behaviour is a way for them create power for themselves. When they see that negative behaviour achieves some kind of result, the behaviour is reinforced.

This is all based on Adlerian psychology and the belief that misbehaviour is not the problem in itself but rather the symptom of another problem. The negative behaviour is the child’s way of taking power, but if we learn how to fulfil the child’s need for significance and belonging, there will be no need for power struggles to occur and so no more negative behavior.

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Personality type evaluation

As parents work through the module, they are asked to undergo an eye-opening personality self-assessment. Many parents may not be aware of how their personality contributes to power struggles within the family, but having taken the assessment, parents can begin to view disagreements, arguments and misbehavior in a totally new light.

This is powerful stuff for many people and one of the strong points of the course. It provides parents with a fresh way of thinking about parenting and, armed with new information and new ideas, parents will take away real, actionable strategies that can have an immediate effect on their children’s behavior.

The first tool in the parenting toolbox


Following the assessment, parents learn about the first – and most important – tool in the toolbox. Without giving too much away (which would lessen the impact of discovering this during the course), parents learn that by devoting fully-focused time to their children when we are not multitasking or giving them orders, we can fulfil the child’s need for belonging and significance, removing the motivation for negative behaviors.

For many people, working through the module may remind them of certain aspects of their own childhood as they realize why children behave in the way they do. Amy McCready believes that children don’t want to misbehave, it is just a way of reacting to a world over which they have no control.

By understanding what causes negative behaviours we can begin to remove these causes – and then we see much happier, compliant and better-behaved children emerging.

As you continue through the following six core modules, you build on this basic concept of empowering a child as you acquire the full box of over 30 tools.

The different components of the course

The course consists of seven core modules plus a range of other learning activities to help parents develop their parenting skills.

Core modules

The course is built around the seven core modules and this is what should be studied first. Parents are encouraged to finish the seven core modules in the correct order before dipping into anything else contained within the course.

This is because everything in the course is built upon what is learnt in the core modules, so studying Specialty Modules or Expert Series lessons will make less sense if you jump in before having completed the core modules.

Furthermore, the core modules are designed to be studied in order so, for example, the material in Unit 4 would not make sense without having first completed Units 1-3.

Each core module takes around 1h30-2h to complete and consists of videos, mostly around 5-20 minutes long, which explain in detail everything you need to know.

The core modules are where you acquire the 30+ tools in your parenting toolbox, after which, you will be ready to tackle other parts of the course.

The videos in the core modules are supplemented by interactive activities, note-taking guides, short articles to read and FAQs, all designed to make sure you take everything in and understand everything the lesson is teaching you.

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Speciality Modules

Having completed the core modules and understood the concepts they introduce, you will be ready to dive into the Specialty Modules. The format of these modules differs from the core modules; they were originally recorded as a series of live webinars hosted by Amy herself, in which she deals with specific parenting issues.

Each module features Amy’s by-now familiar corporate training style as she coaches her live audience through the topic. Each session finishes with Amy answering questions sent in live by those who attended her webinar.

Having already covered the basics, you are now free to study the specialty modules in the order you choose, simply look for module titles that seem most relevant to the struggles you are facing as a parent. These 15 modules include lessons on such topics as allowance, bedtime, homework, sibling squabbles, technology and other invaluable issues.

Expert Series

The third block of lessons is the Expert Series. These lessons follow a familiar format to the Specialty Modules, but this time each lesson features a different expert that Amy has invited to talk about various topics. Lessons include bullying, divorce, potty training and sex talks.

ASK AMY coaching support

These are recordings of coaching phone calls where parents have called in for specific help. There are recordings for each year, 2016, 2017 and 2018, allowing you to listen to the problems faced by other parents and the solutions offered to them.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Membership

solutionPositive Parenting Solutions offers three levels of membership, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze membership gives you basic access for a year, Silver gives you lifetime membership plus some extra learning modules, and Gold gives you access to the full suite of products, including the ASK AMY calls and the Gold members’ Facebook page.

In reality, Bronze customers are given a free upgrade to Silver and Silver customers are given a free upgrade to Gold, meaning there are actually only two levels of membership.

Is it worth it?

With the automatic free upgrade, the Silver package currently costs $179 and the Gold package $224 if you pay in one go. This is a significant investment in a parenting course – so is it worth it?

The course is presented in a typical corporate training style and it’s true that attending such courses in real life can be extremely costly. However, what’s really important here is whether the content of the course will actually provide you with value for money.

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Amy McCready has the credentials to back up what she is saying. As the author of two books, a TV regular and a Fortune 500 trainer, she has the necessary experience behind her. Amy herself is one of the big positives about this course. Her manner is calm and patient, and she comes across as someone who knows what she is talking about – someone you feel you want to listen too.

Well put-together parenting course

This is a high-quality product and a lot of time and thought has gone into making it. The homepage is well-organized and uncluttered, making it simple to navigate. It couldn’t be easier to move between lessons, to pick up where you left off or to review something you want to see again.

The interface is intuitive and should present no problems to anyone who is comfortable using a computer for even the most basic applications.

The lessons themselves are well-researched, well-delivered and easy to understand. They follow a logical progression, first giving you the basics and then building upon that until you have all the tools you require to become a successful parent.

Corporate training format

The format of these lessons will be familiar to anyone who has participated in any kind of corporate training. For each lesson, Amy introduces the topic and explains everything you need to know, backed up by use of well-chosen visuals to clarify each point.

In between the sections where Amy is talking to the camera, there are also a number of group discussions where Amy talks with participants about their experiences of parenting, leading them towards the discoveries of how to implement the techniques she is teaching them.

There are also a number of roleplays where parents are encouraged to act out situations they may find themselves in to help see how things look from a child’s point of view. They are also encouraged to test out some of the new techniques they have learnt.

It is difficult to know whether the groups are actors or whether they are real trainees speaking spontaneously. It doesn’t matter though. What the parent studying at home takes away from this is the experience of having taken part in a real-life training seminar, learning from the experiences of the parents in the seminar, regardless of whether they are scripted.

There is a reason why this kind of corporate training is so popular and that’s because it’s effective. Amy has taken her background in training and produced an excellent series of videos following a format that she is familiar with that has worked in her previous career.

The Leader in Online Training for Parents of Toddlers to Teens

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Based on science

Everything in the course is based on research and data. Amy does not make unfounded claims and the course presents the science behind what she is teaching in a way that is informative, easy to understand and highly convincing.

If anyone has doubts about the concept of a “democratic family” model before, it is harder to remain so skeptical after listening to the arguments and reasoning behind it. The way the concepts are presented and the way the techniques are explained is both powerful and persuasive. The majority of people who watch the videos will go away willing to apply what they have learnt, confident of achieving tangible results.

Points out things that are obvious – but that we never thought of before

One of the things that makes this training so powerful is that once things are explained, they make a lot of sense. There is a lot in here that is pretty obvious when you think about it – it’s just that on our own, these things would never occur to us. Each time Amy presents a new point and has you nodding along and muttering “oh yeah, that’s so true!”, you find yourself buying in more and more to what she is saying.

Repeats points to hammer them home – without being condescending

Anyone who knows even a tiny bit about training will be aware that you can’t tell your trainees something just once and expect them to retain it, much less implement it. Things need to be repeated over and over again to reinforce them before they are finally taken on board in the form of useful, accepted information.

One of the strong points of this course is that it manages to repeat the concepts and reinforce them without ever becoming boring or condescending. Amy constantly refers back to things that have been learned in previous lessons, and the articles, worksheets, note-taking guides and FAQs are all designed to help you absorb all of the information in the course. The way the course manages this is one of its triumphs.

Teaches good life lessons, not just relevant to bringing up kids

Much of what you learn in this course is so true that you may also find yourself applying some of the concepts to your everyday life in your interactions with other adults, not just with your kids. This is a measure of how useful a lot of the information presented here is and how powerful the techniques can be.

30-day money back guarantee

Of course, spending all this money on a parenting course is a big step. Even if you’re sure you want to try it, you may still find that it’s not a good fit for you. In that case, you have the option of a full refund within 30 days, meaning that whatever happens, there really is no risk. If you don’t like it, just ask for your money back.

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Corporate training style may not be for everyone

While the benefits of the corporate training style are clear, some people might find it a little out of place when learning about bringing up our kids. After all, these are our children, not our employees. Learning the correct set phrases to use with them in exactly the way a manager learns how to speak to employees when praising them or disciplining them may feel uncomfortable or unnatural for some parents.

For some people, hearing words like “brainstorm” or “action plan” that are all too familiar from the business world might be a little off-putting. When Amy suggests doing roleplays with toddlers, some parents might find it all a bit too much.

May not fit with all styles

It is true that not everyone has the same views on parenting. It could be that, despite Amy’s powerful arguments and all the evidence she uses to back up her claims, you may just decide that’s just not the kind of parent you are.

While it is possible to a certain extent to dip in and take what you want from the course, if you don’t accept and act on most of what is being taught, you will not benefit from the course. If you are not willing to change and you prefer a more authoritarian style of parenting, you may find this course is not a good fit for you. But then again, if authoritarian parenting is not working for you, that might be a strong argument to try something new.

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There is a lot of material on the internet that claims to be able to help you with your parenting issues and, to be honest, a lot of it is not very good. Some stuff is not very practical, some stuff is incoherent and other stuff is just plain nonsense.

The internet is full of material written by people out to make a quick buck but that has very little value – and we’ve seen a lot of it. With this in mind, when we began to assess this course, we approached it with a healthy dose of scepticism. However, we freely admit that we were pleasantly surprised by what we found.

As we have said, the course is well-made, both technically and pedagogically. Following the tried and tested training style more familiar from the world of business, it takes parents through different aspects of bringing up children, helping them understand the psychology of what is happening and explaining how to use this knowledge to encourage positive behaviour and a more harmonious environment at home.

We truly believe this course is the real deal. It genuinely contains information and ideas that most parents will find invaluable in their daily battle to bring up the helpful, polite and well-rounded children that we all hope for.

Perhaps for a few parents, the style might be a turn-off. Some might find the managerial approach to bringing up kids – talking to them in the same way a manager speaks to employees – too unnatural and even manipulative. However, we believe the vast majority of people will see the benefits of the approach Amy McCready is advocating and will quickly see an improvement in all aspects of their children’s behaviour very soon after beginning to implement these ideas.

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