Risks & Benefits Of Martial Arts

Martial arts are an ancient weaponless one-on-one combatting system. Mainstream media has given its lots of traction, and teens love to learn it for various reasons. 

Its origin can be traced back to China and Japan. It uses techniques to disarm your opponents by using physical powers, remain active & healthy, and learn lifelong lessons. 

Some of the famous forms of martial arts are; 

  • Karate
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Kung Fu
  • Tae Kwan do

In this article, we will explore the benefits & risks of Martial arts. 

Benefits of martial arts

Learn Self Defense

Defending oneself from any threat or harmful situation is human nature. Martial arts teaches effective and excellent defense techniques you can use for your good. 

Training in martial arts teaches you to challenge yourself and be proactive instead of running from threats. 

Channelize The Energy

Teens and kids have unlimited energy to burn off. Extensive training in martial arts channelizes teens’ energy in positive ways. Instead of wasting their time and energy in futile activities, they learn lifelong lessons during their training. 

It transforms your teen and gives their life a new positive direction.   

Boosts Stamina

Martial arts require rigorous training and consistency. It boosts your teen’s stamina with arduous training and exercises. They must stay focused and unite their mind and body to achieve their goal. 

It will be a good idea to enroll your kid or teen in martial arts sessions during holidays or even pass their after-school time

Improves Discipline

Martial arts teaches teens self-discipline, self-regulation, structure & direction. Because you need to train and be good at it constantly, it requires you to ignore distractions and stay focused on the task at hand. Teens also learn to be self-reliant and dedicated to perfecting their art. This self-reliance becomes part of their life in the long run.  

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Good Physique

The training and diet improve your health, heart, and overall physique. It reduces fat and cuts off junk from your diet. It burns fat and increases muscle mobility. That’s why you become strong. You get a good physique and muscular body without running miles and miles. 

Stress Relief

Martial Arts are scientifically proven to relieve stress. You regulate your breathing and thoughts and develop a calm attitude. You also learn to think on your feet since time is of the essence, and you need to get out of your opponent’s deadlocks. It teaches you problem-solving and effective arbitrary techniques.   

Stay Healthy

Martial Arts keep teens fit and healthy. The complete body workout strengthens your muscles, improves body response and overall movement, and adds fluidity. Teens also witnessed a marked improvement in mathematics and arts when enrolled in Martial Arts activities. 

Both physical and mental benefits make Martial Arts one of the most effective after-school techniques to stay ahead of their peers and achieve more extraordinary things in life. 

Risks Of Martial Arts

However, there are downsides to martial arts as well. There are severe risks and injuries involved. 

Let’s look at some scenarios. 

Aggressive Attitude

You must hold your opponent down and make them powerless in this sport. This can lead to aggressive behavior in kids & teens. Also, headlocks and deadlocks can become aggressive and sometimes can result in accidents. 

Injurious If Not Skillfully Performed

To release oneself from an opponent’s headlock, you must know effective techniques. And kids can get seriously injured if the coach is not present to guide them or if the kid cannot remember the method in time. Efficient surveillance of kids and teens is required to avoid injuries. 

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Martial Arts are expensive. The monthly fee ranges from $150-$300, and that is only a trainer’s fee. Costumes, traveling around the country, and participating in competitions have become more costly. 

If you are on a budget, you must apply for scholarships or discounts. Inquire about hidden charges, session, and uniform costs before committing to it. 

Mental & Physical Exhaustion

Regular workouts and practice exhaust your mind. You must be mentally alert and focused for a long time during sessions, which can seriously wear you out. 

Karate Year Around

Unlike other competitive sports, martial arts are played around the year. The students must practice and constantly train; that gets tough on your body. 

Misuse Of Power

Martial Arts are a sport with physical and mental benefits. But teens can use it for violent means as well. Teens or kids can use it against their peers outside classes, which can be hazardous. 

Making Your Choice

Martial Arts are a life-changing sport and can bring positive results in your teen’s life. Your teen can improve their health and physique, relieve stress, and learn effective problem-solving techniques from a single source. You must ensure they have the right coach and program to learn this ancient combatting system.