Top 10 After School Activities for Teenagers

Is your teen bored after school? Perhaps it’s time to consider signing up for an after school activity.

This will help your teenager to help boost their college application and close up boring free gaps of time. After all, they might find something they really like and may help make future career opportunities available.

Here are 10 of the best ways how to find the best extracurricular activity for your child.

1. Music and Arts

For your child, growing into a young adult may be all about changes. They may start to feel awkward while expressing new tastes and styles.

Luckily, music and arts offer great outlets to help channel their energy and frustrations in a creative method. Not to mention, they both reinforce creative thinking and math skills which can help build on their curricular classes.

However, if your child’s school does not offer an art or band club, check around your local community.

Usually, there are plenty of band, orchestral, or art associations that are free and especially thrive on young talent. Or if there are still limited choices, you can always take it upon yourself to help your child start up their own clubs at school or in the community to inspire others.

2. School Clubs

School clubs are about connecting between students on shared interests and skills in a social environment.

Not to worry, they aren’t limited to chess or books. In most schools, there are dozens of different clubs to choose from.

Not finding one that particularly speaks to your teen? Create one!

3. Government

If your kid is interested in making a difference in your community or school, creating or joining a government based club might be the perfect choice for you.

Keep your eye out for student council, student government, or the community youth board. By joining these organizations they can help show people that they are a naturally born leader who thrives on directing and motivating others.

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4. Performing Arts

Does your kid have a natural talent for theater? Getting them into performing arts clubs might be a great resource for them to use in letting out their comedy, dance, drama, and chorus talent.

Even if their school lacks the necessary club, you can find them plenty of opportunities in local community theaters, comedy clubs, dance schools, or local art associations.

5. Special Interest

If you find that your teen has a special interest that cannot be fully supported by their school, you can look around in the community for alternative choices. Alternative groups may include karate, boy or girl scouts, entrepreneurship club, or an equestrian club.

6. Sports

Participating in sports is much more than just losing weight. For most teens, there are plenty of sports based activities for boys and girls after school.

With sports programs, there is plenty of opportunity for teens to work together while building strength and leadership skills.

If your teenager’s school doesn’t offer school clubs, you can always try the YMCA or local parks and recreation department activities.

7. Tutor or Other After-School Job

What’s better than learning in school? Helping other students learn. If your kid has a knack for certain school subjects, it may be a great choice for them to help tutor younger students in their off time.

If tutoring is not your child’s strong suit, consider helping them apply for an after school job. These jobs help teens learn real world skills and they look great on college applications.

8. Media

If your teen loves writing, blogging, and tweeting, choosing a media based club might be a great idea. Luckily, schools are full of news and informative clubs to help benefit the community or local area. These include the school newspaper/magazine, school TV channel, or the yearbook committee.

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Worst comes to worst, if your child’s school doesn’t offer such clubs you can help them start up their own blog, website, or youtube channel.

9. Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is constantly on the rise with plenty of opportunities for your teen to get involved. Working on volunteer projects will not only give your child a positive sense of accomplishment but also tacks on engaging factors for your kid’s college application to help the approval process.

From packing food at the local food pantry to walking animals at a local animal center, there are always opportunities, no matter what your child’s interest are. Check with your local town hall for more opportunities for your teen to engage in.

10. Cultural and Travel

By helping your teen discover their roots and get discover the amazing places that surround them, you can personally help them boost their knowledge and language schools. Luckily, most schools offer language and multi-cultural clubs that can help benefit students with bi-yearly trips to surrounding countries.

When it comes to after school activities, how many is too many? The answer is, there are never too many!

After school activities provide a positive and engaging environment for your teen to discover their talents while working on building up on skills they already possess. With the number of different clubs that schools offer, there are plenty of chances for socializing while still maintaining a strong educational value.

Also, where there may not be as many clubs, there are plenty of other opportunities outside school in the community for your teen to participate in.