Tech Toys for Kids

Our modern world has become increasingly dominated by tech and an understanding of the devices and gadgets we use daily is now an important part of a children’s education.

Giving kids tech toys from an early age can help improve their critical and creative thinking while developing their STEM skills and fostering an interest in subjects that may give them an extra advantage later in life.

Here is a selection of some of the different types of toys that can help with their’ education while allowing them to play and have lots of fun.

Programmable Robots

For creative and tech-minds, programmable robots offer an entry into the world of simple coding in ways that aid their STEM learning.

Programmable robots lets youngsters learn how to input commands in various formats to control their robots and complete assignments, solve problems and play games.

Many robots work in conjunction with app-based programming that encourages the user to develop the logical and critical thinking required for coding – while at the same time having loads of fun with a cute robot.

Coding Toys

Toys that introduce youngsters to simple coding can fire their interest in science and increase their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Coding toys are available for all ages with some being aimed at preschoolers while others are designed with teens in mind. They provide a fun way for youngsters to learn how to think logically while playing games to test memory, solve mazes and improve creativity, all vital skills for STEM learning at school.

Coding toys are great for those who already enjoy mental challenges and are also an ideal way to introduce kids to more cerebral activities.

Buildable Robot Kits

Buildable robot kits make great gifts for those who like the challenge of putting things together and will help develop their creativity and logical thinking.

Different kits are available of varying complexity and for different ages but all have the same aim: for naturally creative kids, buildable robot kits offer the perfect outlet for the urge to construct and will encourage future mechanics and engineers to explore their talents.

They are also an excellent way to encourage them to think critically and focus on a project and then feel the excitement of completing that project and seeing the impressive end results.

Electronics Kits

Electronics kits are fun ways to introduce the basics of circuitry and develop strong skills in logical thinking while playing with kid-safe electronic circuits.

Kids are encouraged to experiment and create while completing projects that are focused on developing key STEM skills.

In a world increasingly dominated by electronics and tech, these skills will prove invaluable in the future, and electronics kits are the perfect way to foster an interest these skills while solving problems, completing assignments and creating cool and fun circuits.

Make your own Tech Inventions

These are the toys you need for those who crave an outlet for their creative impulses and these kits will allow your kids to come up with limitless ideas by thinking, building and experimenting.

These toys are perfect for firing your childs’ imagination and allowing them to come up with strange and off-the-wall ideas – all while learning key STEM skills and developing their logical thinking and problem-solving capacities – and you will be surprised by some of the strange and wonderful inventions they are able to come up with!

Cool ways to learn Coding

For kids who might enjoy learning the basics of coding and how to think like a programmer, these neat little ideas could make great gifts.

Different from the coding toys mentioned above, these games are designed to introduce the concepts of coding through play to encourage them to develop logical step-by-step thinking and problem-solving skills.

They will appeal to sprogs who enjoy competition and games but will allow them to learn and develop much more than if they were playing regular video games or board games.

Build your own Gadgets

For children who are curious about how things work, giving them gadgets to build is a fun and educational idea for a gift.

These toys will help youngsters understand the world around them and how things work while teaching them important STEM skills and developing their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

For kids who want to know what goes on inside a speaker or a computer, what better way to teach them than to have them build their own simple version?

If that sounds like something your kids would enjoy, then giving them a gadget to build could be a great way to help their education.

Toys that Teach Design Thinking

These are some really smart toys – for really smart kids. These gifts will help develop their minds and encourage creative and critical thinking.

For boys and girls who are always coming up with new ideas, these toys are great ways to foster that natural inventiveness.

For others who need a little nudge in the right direction, these toys are also a great way to kickstart more imaginative thinking.

If you want to give your loved one something that will get their creative juices flowing while improving their STEM skills, these toys could be the perfect solution.


With the range of tech toys on the market for all ages and interests, you should have no difficulty in finding the perfect gift for your nippers that will give them hours of enjoyment while at the same time developing their STEM skills and helping them learn all about the modern world in which we live.

Originally posted 2017-10-30 15:38:02.