5 Organizations That Help Teenage Pregnancy

As a teenager, finding out that you are pregnant can be alarming and you may not be sure where to turn for help. It is important for teens to realize that they are not alone in this situation and there are a lot of resources out there to offer guidance to pregnant teens and their parents through the difficult journey ahead. Here are 5 organizations that help teenagers through pregnancy.

1. Planned Parenthood

This site offers information on the options that teenagers have if they find out they are pregnant and resources to help teens carry out their wishes for their pregnancy. The services of Planned Parenthood vary by location but most include pregnancy testing and related services, OBGYN services, STD testing, emergency contraception, treatment vaccines, and general health care.

2. Birthright International

This organization helps women cope with the feelings, pressure, and stress that come along with an unplanned pregnancy. They provide many resources for pregnant teens, including pregnancy testing, referrals to necessary resources, prenatal care information, and information on adoption.

3. Generation Her

Generation Her is a non-profit organization that works to provide teen moms with a positive environment where they are able to feel loved rather than judged. In their six locations, they offer a life skills program each week that is catered towards teen mothers and pregnant teens.

Generation Her works with teens to set educational and career goals and helps teen moms accomplish their goals while providing a safe environment of encouragement and support through mentors and the community of teenage mothers. They teach life skills to help teens become independent, such as financial budgeting, job interviewing skills, money management, resume building, self-defense, cooking, nutrition, relationship workshops, stress and anger management, and more.

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They work to keep teens off of welfare throughout their lifetime and hope to provide a better future for their clients and their children.

4. Covenant House

Covenant House helps homeless, pregnant teenagers secure a bright and stable future for both themselves and their children. Their experienced counselors motivate each teen mom to work hard to be independent and create a plan for their future by offering advice.

Residents can attend classes to help them learn parenting skills, how to live a healthy lifestyle, and child-bearing tips. They also offer free on-site day care so teen moms can finish their education or keep a job.

The Covenant House allows teen moms and pregnant teens to live together and bond while learning from each other and gaining a sense of family that they would not otherwise have.

5. Healthy Teen Network

Healthy Teen Network provides pregnant teenagers with shelter and useful resources to help them succeed in life. They also offer a listening ear and an advocate for teens who do not know where to turn. They work to ignite social change so teenagers who are pregnant are able to live fulfilling lives.

Originally posted 2017-08-04 15:31:57.