5 Top Tips To Make That Potty Training Nightmare A Joy

Potty training – the stuff of nightmares

The transition from diapers to being potty trained is one of the first big steps in your kiddie’s life and it marks the passage from being a baby to a toddler.

Mastering the potty can be a source of pride for the child as they show how they can go to the toilet like a ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ now and it will certainly make your life easier. But we’ve all heard the horror stories of when it goes wrong too.

  • The little boy who pulls down his pants and poops on the floor of the clothes store while you’re trying on clothes…
  • The little girl who pees on the carpet in your friend’s home because she was too shy to speak up in front of other adults…
  • The curious little monkey who fishes his business out of the potty and starts playing with it after he’s done…
  • The poor parents who had to home-school their kid because he wasn’t potty-trained in time to start pre-school…

Having a fully potty-trained kid can seem like heaven.

It can free you up to do so much other stuff with your time and will seriously improve your quality of life.

In fact, you’ll feel like you’re starting to get your old, pre-baby life back again. It’s just that getting to that point can be an absolute nightmare – and you’re all but certain to experience a few mishaps along the way.

If you have a young baby, the time for potty training is going to come round before you know it – and if you haven’t really given it much consideration yet, now might be a good time to start.

Imagine the embarrassment of having a growing toddler who still can’t go to the toilet by himself. Picture what it would be like having a three-year-old who still needs her diapers changing.

It doesn’t even bear thinking about how you will feel if your little girl has another “accident” while you’re shopping in a posh department store when, at her age, that kind of thing should already be well behind her.

This is something you really need to get right – and getting it right quickly may well save you a lot of anguish and embarrassment.

The thing is, nobody really teaches us how to potty train our kids. We are just kind of expected to do it and get it right by ourselves.

Well, I’ve been looking about online and I’ve found some great tips and ideas I’d like to share about the subject that I found useful – and I hope you might find them informative too.

My Five Top Potty Training Tips

Tip #1 – Don’t rush it

Oprah Winfrey once said, “You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at once!” – and with potty training, we understand perfectly what this means.

We know you want your kid out of diapers and going to the toilet like a big boy or girl as quickly as possible.

The thing is, you can’t force it.

Don’t push them into it before they’re ready and don’t worry about it either.

They will be ready sooner or later, but stressing about it and trying to potty train them before time will only make it a more painful experience for both of you.

Tip #2 – Try the Naked Method

Let your kid run around naked. Many people find that when the toddler has nothing on, it’s easier for them to think about going to the toilet.

With a diaper on, perhaps it’s something like “out of sight, out of mind”. Whatever the psychology behind it, it works.

When they’ve mastered this stage, put them in underwear and then graduate to being fully-clothed.

Tip #3 – Use a timer

When you first start potty training, set a timer to go off every 10 minutes.

When it goes off, sit your little one on the potty and see if they need to go.

Try again ten minutes later. And ten minutes later.

The second day, try 15-minute intervals. And then 20.

This will get them used to using the potty – and hopefully keep your floors free of pee and poop.

Tip #4 – Drink lots

We don’t mean you – although sometimes potty training might make you feel like you want to.

We mean let your toddler drink lots of water or other fluids.

This way, when the timer goes off and it’s time to head for the potty, they will actually have the need to go.

This means more practice.

And practice makes perfect.

Tip #5 – Realise that it’s not you fault if it takes time

As potty-training guru Carol Cline reminds us, nobody really teaches us how to potty train – we’re just expected to get on with it and achieve positive results.

Every child is different, but if your child is having difficulty with potty training, you’re not a bad parent, you just haven’t found the right techniques yet.

Carol claims to have developed a method to potty train almost any kid in three days. Check it out here if you’re interested.

It’s not easy to get right first time

Remember, be patient. You will get there in the end. If all else fails, keep reminding yourself, everyone ends up potty trained in the end.

Nobody goes through college in diapers!

Personally, we found Carol’s sales video super helpful. As we said, nobody teaches us how to potty train, but her methods can certainly give you some great ideas.

Also, if you are more of the physical book type of person, then ‘Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right’ by Jamie Glowacki comes highly recommended.

With over 700 reviews it has real-world, from-the-trenches potty training answers.

Both are valuable on their own but together you will make potty training a breeze.

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